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 Come unwind & escape...

Indulge in happily ever after's and curated teas at the South's only romance forward bookshop

Once upon a time...

there were three sisters. They'd talked about owning a bookshop since they were teenagers. They share a love of romance reading, old books, and cozy spaces. Now, they invite you to join them in cultivating a diverse reading community and curl up with a good cup of tea. 

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Meet the Sisters

With creative backgrounds in events, design, and writing & publishing, the sisters were inspired to create a romance bookstore and tea shop that serves the Southeast. The first of its kind, Page of Cups hopes to immerse you in your favorite trope while making lifelong friends along the way. 

Community Inspired, Community Driven

This vision wouldn't be possible without the Romancelandia community. Shannon has been involved in the creative design of maps, stickers, and book covers for countless authors and is an active reader. Caroline has written a few titles, including a contemporary romance, with several in progress. Robin is infamous for introducing both of them to romance novels in their teenage years. 

And that's where you come in. Because of the community Page of Cups hopes to cultivate, we've opened a Kickstarter and a Patreon to serve our readers all across the globe. Donate to Kickstarter for a one-time reward, or subscribe to our Patreon to receive monthly gifts. We hope you'll join us in making this dream a reality. 


Tucker, GA


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